dc stuff

Sunday, July 23, 2000, at 05:53AM

By Eric Richardson

So I've been here in DC all week, at DC/LA 2000. It's been fun, I've met a lot of people and done some cool stuff. Click for a little more detail.

One of the cool things about this trip has been seeing that my video setup actually works pretty well. In LA everything was crazy; I didn't have enough disk space, and we only had one SVHS deck. All in all, I ended up not being very efficient. This time, though, I came with an extra S-deck, a 20gig firewire hard drive, and a generally much more planned out setup. Thankfully, it all worked great.

I ended up spending a good deal of time helping out with the event at the Mall. The day before the event they were desperately looking for people to help set up the stage and unload equipment, so I went down and helped out with that. Event night I ran one of the spotlights. That was a fun change.

Unlike LA, where we were stuck in our room the entire time, I've actually spent a little more time out and met some artists (Geoff Moore, Stacie Orrico, and Natalie LaRue). Obviously, being me, I have no pictures to go with these.

In any case, I'll be home in less than 24 hours.