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Sunday, December 03, 2000, at 10:34AM

By Eric Richardson

I've been sitting on this CVS content mamangement stuff for far too long now, and it's nowhere near done. My problem is that I'm still waivering on exactly what I want to do. What exactly am I creating here? Click for more...

My main problem right now is that I keep losing sight of the fact that all I really need to be doing is implementing enough of a CVS backend to checkout files and check them back in, along with a modicum of conflict handling. I keep starting to think about implementing all of the cvs client into my module, but I really don't need that. I don't need branch tags, directory functionality, or anything complicated like that. All I want on the checkout front is the ability to check out any version I want of a file, see diffs between versions, and see changelogs for each revision. On the other end I want a checkin routine that will check a file in, or return false if there's a conflict.

I really need to finish this backend up so I can start working on the frontend. I really don't see that whole bit taking too long, though. Especially compared to this part.