a little speedup

Sunday, January 28, 2001, at 07:09AM

By Eric Richardson

This should help things out some. Click if you care to know the specifics of what I did.

Basically I realized that the SQL in $core->get_posts was horribly inefficient for a non-threaded news layout. For forums I can't do much about that, since a lack of foreknowledge about your drops makes the use of limits impossible.

This isn't the case for news, however, where the data is all layed out linear. So, I added a test in get_posts to see if the glomule module advertises a speedup routine, and then have that return appropriate news limits from the module. It's not a good all-around solution (optimally you would want speedup to check out all your data based SQL statements and optimize them for the particular type of data it handles), but it'll work for now.

init time is still way to long, though, so I need to put a little work into that. Not right now, though.