Cole's P.E. Buffet

Thursday, July 08, 2004, at 09:17AM

By Eric Richardson

I've mentioned Cole's before, in the context of it being the oldest bar/resturant in LA. Not only is it that, though, it's also a place that's doing some cool stuff to get people in and engage the community. Last week they started doing free movie nights on a 70" TV. Last week they showed The Princess Bride. This week they're showing The Big Lebowski. They also feature some live music, the occassional play, and apparently sometimes a reading series. I'd love to see the live music side of things pick up. I'd be in heaven if I could walk a block and a half to see shows.

Cole's also has a collection of really old stock listings books (or at least we'll say that's what they're called... I can't really remember off-hand). Last time I was in there Magilla, another friend, and I made a fairly tedious, but entertaining, game out of picking stocks and seeing who was in the best shape at the end of a couple months. I won.