on being not in charge

Wednesday, August 25, 2004, at 02:36PM

By Eric Richardson

It's funny attending something you used to be in charge of, but no longer are. I've been involved in Campus Crusade at USC since I was a Freshman, and from spring of that year through spring of last year I was running sound for their weekly meeting. Today is the first meeting of the new year, and the first time I haven't been running sound in two and a half years.

It's hard to resist that urge to hear something I dont like and want to go fix it. I hate bad sound. I think that's one of the only reasons I ever got into running it. Well that and it was "oh, you know how to work a sound board?"

The trouble for me was that I knew what I liked, but didn't really have any of the theoretical background to know the acoustic modelling behind how to EQ particular instruments.

Right now though I can tell you that an acoustic guitar doesn't need as much in the highs. Tinny acoustic is pretty rough.

Oh well, I'm a normal person now.