Friday Questions, beating the heat

Sunday, September 12, 2004, at 02:40PM

By Eric Richardson

So Friday I wasn't anywhere near a computer, and missed the week's Friday questions at LA Blogs. Since my Friday morning activity was a bit topical to the question, though, I think I deserve a little leeway for my late response.

  • What is your favorite beach to cool off on? When do you go to beat the crowds?

I'm a big fan of just heading down to Manhattan Beach. If I think it'll be crowded I'll head more for the middle ground between Manhattan and Hermosa, but otherwise I'll stick nearer to the Manhattan pier.

  • If not the beach, where is your favorite cooling-off spot outdoors? indoors?

Outdoors? Being out on a lake. Friday the destination was Canyon Lake, a private lake community out in Riverside county (right by Lake Elsinore). We took a trip there as the Waterski Team and Wakeboard Club. The water was absolutely perfect.

Indoors? Wherever there's air-conditioning.

  • Where is your favorite spot for ice cream/sorbet/gelato?

Lickity Split in El Segundo. Amazing frozen custard.

  • What is your favorite flavor?

We had pumpkin once when it was freshly coming out of the machine. That was great. I've gotten the root beer flavor a couple times.

  • Stuck at home? What are you making in your blender?

I'm stuck at home wishing I had a blender.

  • Got any original concoctions you want to share?

Not really.

  • Favorite winter-themed video or book?

My family always had a soft spot for White Christmas. Either that or the Muppets' Christmas special.

  • What was your favorite water-themed activity as a kid?

Waterskiing. I guess I'm still a kid.