Mark my calendar for... 2005?

Monday, September 20, 2004, at 08:45AM

By Eric Richardson

Back in the summer of 2001 Kathy and I took a road-trip that sent us from Michigan to South Carolina, up the coast to New Jersey, and then back to Michigan. While in New Jersey we made the short trip up to New York to catch a Yankees game. We met my cousin Brent at his apartment in Jersey City and he took us into the city. Before we left the apartment, though, I started glancing at a little book he had laying around called Letters to Wendy's. Sometime later (probably that fall, definitely once I was out in LA) I decided to purchase a copy of my own. That was tougher than I expected. The recently deceased Midnight Special Bookstore had never heard of it, even when I got the author's name -- Joe Wenderoth -- for them to search the computer with. USC's bookstore special ordered it for me, but I think it didn't end up coming in until a few months later. In the mean-time I was able to order the book online somewhere.

Turns out the book's gotten a little more popular and a little more available since then (as you can see from the amazon link). Today, listening to KCRW (though it was KCRW Music after noon, therefore it really happened on-air Friday), they mentioned Joe Wenderoth coming to talk at Redcat. I quickly went to the website to check it out. When's he coming? February of 2005. How in the world am I going to remember that long? There's no chance. Somebody remind me in January, if you don't mind.