Artistsalon: The Big Picture

Sunday, October 17, 2004, at 09:22AM

By Eric Richardson

Last night Kathy and I headed up the block to check out Artistsalon's event "the big picture". I was impressed. Jason and crew put on a great event with a little something for everyone. We had to leave a little early since we were both tired (I had gotten up at 5am to go waterskiing before the football game) and I had movies to return to Hollywood Video, so we didn't get to check out the music that was lined up. We did spend some good time walking around checking out all the art up on the walls.

Were I someone who had $750 sitting in his pocket I would have loved to have gotten a piece called "Moo Bettah Meaty Meat" (bringing back good memories of the deceased hamburger stand). But instead I'm a broke college kid, so I just admired it for a few minutes and moved on.

We ended up spending a good bit of time talking to people I've met through the neighborhood council, including my #1 commenter Don Garza (whose blog I will soon be setting up). It was cool to be able to introduce Kathy to a good number of the people in this newfound part of my life, since otherwise I just end up talking about people she doesn't have a face to connect with.

I think I might walk over to the Grand Ave. Festival in a little bit, though I forgot and got some Del Taco for lunch. Oh well.