From the Downtown News: Coffee and DLANC

Monday, October 18, 2004, at 06:44AM

By Eric Richardson

The Downtown News this week includes a story on Groundwork, a coffee house in the art district. Particularly of interest is the fact that Groundwork roasts their own beans. My whole bean coffee supplies are running a little low, so I plan to head over and pick some up to try out in the next few days. I figure if I'm buying beans roasted about a mile away and then grinding them myself, that's got to be about as close as I can get to just-in-time coffee making.

Also in the Downtown News this week, two mentions of happenings from our last DLANC meeting.

  • "Financial District Goes Hawaiian" says that

Last Tuesday, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council approved a liquor license for Roy's (the council does not have authority over the license, but acts in an advisory capacity to the city).

  • Then the oddly titled "DLANC Gets Keyed Up" talks about how we're looking to hire someone to take minutes at meetings. I don't really think the position we're hiring is quite looking for a "court room-style" transcription, but hey, that would be nice.