And we're back?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004, at 09:54PM

By Eric Richardson

If you've tried to visit this site in the last two weeks or so, you might have noticed that things aren't exactly up to speed at the moment. Here's the message I put up on the front page:

2004-10-19: Just to give a little better feel for what's going on, the hard drive on my web server gave up last night and is done for. First it started making some noises and the ext3 journal stopped (causing the drive to remount read-only). At that point I was able to copy off some data (most of my web stuff and my email), but not all. Notably messed up were some important mysql files. I have a backup that will cover up to about three weeks ago, but it's up in the bay area at the moment.

I hope to have at least a limited version of the blog back online later tonight.

Moral of the story? Don't forget your backups, even when you're just in a transition phase.

Well, it's taken a little longer than that night to get any kind of a blog back online. Some of this was technical, but some was that I took this downtime as motivation to get serious about doing work on the next version of eThreads. What you're seeing right now is being served off the new code. It's not done yet -- comments, categories, archives, the "this date" feature, and RPC pings all still need to be supported. But it's a start, and I still like the code, so I think that's good.

Different pieces of functionality will continue to roll in at different times. Currently this blog is missing a nice big 4 month chunk from June 11 to October 11. I've got June - September 25 in backups that'll be coming online within the next week or two, but if you happen to have Sep 25 - Oct 11 stuck in the cache of an RSS reader or something I'd love to know it.