i moved out here for a reason, you know

Tuesday, December 07, 2004, at 07:23AM

By Eric Richardson

Ok, this crappy weather in LA thing has gone on long enough. It's cold, and cloudy, and they're calling for rain, and that's really just not what I agreed to when I moved out here. Today: high of 58 and rain. Tonight: low of 50 and showers.

Yesterday's low temp was 42 degrees, just two degrees off the date's record low. December 3 the numbers were reversed, with 40 as the actual and 42 as the previous record.

That's just not cool. I like the clean air from the rain, but these clouds and I aren't on speaking terms.

Dec. 21 I fly back to MI for a few weeks, but there at least the crappy weather is a part of the deal.