1 Down, 4 to Go

Tuesday, January 11, 2005, at 06:58AM

By Eric Richardson

I had my first class this morning. It's titled "Public Service in an Urban Setting," and is taught by Dr. Richard Sundeen. It's the first of my two classes this semester from the School of Policy, Planning, and Development. It looks like it'll be interesting. Part of the class requirements is that students go get involved in some sort of volunteer service, and my participation in DLANC will count for that.

After just finishing my chicken strips from Carl's (who now once again serves Coke products on campus, ending a ten month or so flirtation with Pepsi) I'm sitting at Annenberg for another twenty minutes or so catching up on email before I head out to my next class. I then go straight through for five hours.

Update (1/12 1am): It turns out the Coke deal is university-wide. I definitely approve.