Consider Them a Captive Audience

Wednesday, January 12, 2005, at 01:41PM

By Eric Richardson

My last class to meet this semester is "Urban Transportation Planning and Policy." The class is taught by Michael Kodama, who is a transportation planning consultant. Interestingly, he's one of the consultants on the CRA's Downtown Parking Study, so I'll get to pester him for the next couple months about that. Jeffry Carpenter, who's in charge of the project for the CRA, is on the DLANC Transportation & Public Works Committee with me, so I get to pester him there.

Update (1/13 11am): One other note from class yesterday... Being a transportation class, we had a poll of who had used what transit modes to get to class. Out of 17 people (including the professor), 10 had driven a single occupant vehicle. I had to put myself in that group, but I wanted to attach a disclaimer to my raised hand: "But this is the only class I drive to... I haven't touched my car since Sunday except for this..." I didn't say any of that, though. This morning I again walked over to Hill and hopped on the 81, just like normal.