Welcome to blogdowntown

Thursday, January 13, 2005, at 09:46AM

By Eric Richardson

I moved Downtown in May, 2004. Since then I've spent a lot of time writing about Downtown Los Angeles, and people have started coming to my blog as a site for info about what's going on there. Eventually I decided that I should probably really have two blogs: one for Downtown stuff and one for whatever else I'm thinking about. And that's exactly what I've set up. blogdowntown will now hold all the Downtown-related content I had previously been writing. My blog, blog.ericrichardson.com, will revert to being just about my life, computers, music, USC, etc. I'll try not to post the same things both places, so if you're interested in both my life and Downtown you'll just have to read both. Both have RSS feeds, so keeping up really shouldn't be that hard.