Numbers and Egos

Friday, January 14, 2005, at 07:21AM

By Eric Richardson

I've mentioned before that Bob Hertzberg's campaign site -- -- is doing a very cool thing with their Daily Digests, a roundup of the day's LA news from both traditional and blog sources. Brian, the Hertzberg staffer who collects the info for those posts, has linked to my site many times now, and I think that's great.

But sometimes you have to wonder, how much is too much? Right now there are five entries on the first page that have to do with me: a link to Sean's post talking about blogdowntown, links to parts one and two of my Art Walk coverage at blogdowntown, a link to my post here introducing blogdowntown, and farther up a link to my bit yesterday on the sales-tax debate. If you consider that there are 50 entries on their home page, that means that I am 10% of what's going on in LA today. Even in my deluded fantasies I don't occupy that large a position in LA.