August Midnight Ridazz Comes to My Part of Town

Friday, August 12, 2005, at 08:51PM

By Eric Richardson

The August Midnight Ridazz was tonight. The theme was Tron, which I was pretty excited about. Not excited enough to actually figure out any sort of costume, but excited none-the-less. I had patched my front tire earlier today, so I was all set to ride.

Turns out the ride, or at least the part I was on, went through Downtown. I wrote about that over on blogdowntown. We went down Hill Street, then took a pass through Central City East, and finally circled the Caltrans building a few times. Then it was back through the 2nd St. tunnel to Echo Park, which we circled before just hanging out for a bit.

I show 14.93 miles from leaving my apartment to my return. Average speed shows up at 9.3mph, but I can't say if that's accurate; I did a lot of speeding to the front and then stopping to either take pictures or occassionally to stop traffic while the ride went through.