getting back into the habit of things

I've been pretty quiet here for the past six years or so. The last time I hit double digit postings in a month was April of 2006. For most of that time I had the excuse that I was producing plenty of words over at blogdowntown, but those days ended at the end of 2011. This past year was the first since 1998 where I wasn't writing something on a roughly daily basis.

It was the same in photography. In Lightroom I have 15,595 pictures from 2009, 14,685 from 2010, 9,125 from 2011 and 690 from 2012. Even that number doesn't quite tell the whole story, since 220 of those were taken in December.

It's funny, sometimes, how hard it is to get back into a habit once you've stepped away. — Continue Reading...

We're New Homeowners

Looking out over Vinings Eric Richardson

Kathy and I are now homeowners. The last week of September we closed on a townhouse in Vinings, a neighborhood tucked just inside the 285 perimeter to the northwest of downtown.

If you look at our map from back in June, Vinings wasn't really on it (and neither were townhouses), but over the summer my work relocated there from midtown. That took away the idea of looking for something near transit, and instead we ended up asking ourselves how you could really do better than somewhere in walking distance of the new office.

We decided you couldn't. — Continue Reading...

Looking for a place to settle into Atlanta

Zillow Homes

Two weeks ago today Kathy and I landed in Atlanta, kicking off our new post-California life. It's an auspicious anniversary: today's high is either 103 or 105, depending on which forecast you look at.

We're starting to get used to our new routines, but won't really be able to get settled in until we find a house and can get the rest of our things out of the storage unit we dropped them off in when the moving truck arrived. Last weekend we put in some major miles toward that process, driving a big chunk of the city to get a feel for where we might be looking. — Continue Reading...

Looking to the Future of AssetHost

AssetHost Screenshot Eric Richardson

When I left KPCC earlier this month, I left behind two systems that I was particularly proud of having developed: AssetHost, a Rails engine that serves up all of the station's web image and video assets, and StreamMachine, a Node.JS streaming audio broadcast system.

Both will live on, since the station was generous enough to allow me to open-source them. There's a thin line between a live open-source project and abandonware that just happens to have code online, though, so it remains to be seen whether either generates the kind of momentum needed to create a life beyond KPCC's uses.

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Tour of California Zips Past

Tour of California Eric Richardson

The eighth and final stage of the 2012 Tour of California rolled through Downtown L.A. on Sunday, part of a busy day that included Kings and Clippers playoff games at L.A. Live. Kathy and I didn't go down there for any of that, but we couldn't help but take in a little of the bike race: our apartment was dead in the middle of the five-lap sprint loop that finished out the stage. — Continue Reading...