Old News (from eNews)

Sunday, January 17, 1999, at 09:07AM

By Eric Richardson

PICS sucks. I'm opposed to most Internet filtering / censorship anyway, but PICS is an absolute worst case scenario. It can never work. Until 99% percent of so of sites have gotten ratings, you can't really use the show only rated sites option without blocking a lot of good content. And if you don't have that option enabled, what good is the whole rating thing? The thing's also super paranoid. Even www.rsac.org (the people who came up with PICS) bails because of a ad rating not belonging to the ad server. I bet a PICS-disabling proxy would be really easy... (and before you get the idea that I'm trying to get at stuff, I don't even run a browser sucky enough to include PICS, so you can drop that thought)