perl fun

Tuesday, April 27, 1999, at 03:02PM

By Eric Richardson

The mp3 player I'm working on is getting totally redesigned... If you care, click the title for more.

Since I've written my player, it's always bugged me that I wasn't able to see what the next couple coming songs were, and couldn't make changes to the playlist during the run, and stuff like that. As such, I've started working on a client/server approach, using IPC and some shared memory to let the client fiddle with the playlist.

Right now all I've got is a basic outline of how thing's will work, but it reads in a playlist or filenames and writes to the song array. Then the client can tell the server to start playing. As soon as I get shared arrays working better this should be much easier.

I'll throw some code up on eScripting once I get this half-way working.