Monday, January 24, 2000, at 11:32AM

By Eric Richardson

I got a notebook this week (err... Gospelcom bought a notebook for me to use). It's a Sony VAIO PCG-F390. PIII 500, 192MB RAM, 12GIG HD, 15" screen. It rocks. Click for more...

Obviously, the first thing I did with the machine was install Linux. Everything worked like a charm. Redhat 6.1 installed perfectly out of the box, and got X set up great (1024x768x16bit). I had to recompile the kernel to get auto-off on a shutdown -h, but that's not a big deal. Sound worked with commercial OSS.

I've only had two annoying things so far:

  • the built-in modem is a winmodem. I got a Linksys nic/modem combo, though, and that works great.
  • if i don't stop oss before going to suspend mode, sound won't work when I come back. If I stop it, suspend, and then start it after I resume, it's not a problem.

I would definitely recommend the VAIO. It rocks. Now I want a Sony digital camcorder to go with it... Mmmmm....