I Now Own a Mac

Wednesday, December 06, 2006, at 07:23PM

By Eric Richardson

I ordered a Macbook the other day and it came in this morning. Back in January I made the move to a Mac at work, and over time I became pretty accustomed to getting things done on it. Particularly, I became so attached to TextMate that I really didn't feel like working on code in anything else. I'd fire up vim on my Linux desktop and it would be just like old times, but suddenly that wasn't enough any more.

I'd also never found a Linux mail client that I could stand, to the extent that I would walk over to Kathy's iMac to check my email at home.

So once the Core 2 Duo upgrade hit I ordered a 13" Macbook with the 2ghz CPU and 2gb of RAM. The laptop arrived this morning, and here I am later that same night working on a Ruby on Rails app in Textmate, running it via Locomotive, doing virtual desktops via VirtueDesktops, checking my mail via Apple Mail, and listening to music I bought off iTunes (Quincy Coleman's album Come Closer). I guess that's a conversion.