Sights from Australia: Sydney

Friday, December 30, 2011, at 02:31PM

By Eric Richardson

Kathy and I returned yesterday from ten days in Australia, where we spent three days in Sydney and a week in Melbourne.

It was my second trip down under, but my first with a digital camera. Whereas last time around I returned with just a handful of stills from a point-and-shoot APS-C and a fair amount of poorly-taken video on miniDV, this time Kathy and I combined to take 718 photos. Of those, 161 got tagged as ones that she wanted. Many of those are now on her Facebook, but I thought I'd grab a few of my favorites to post here.

This first batch from Sydney gives a pretty fair representation of how we chose to take in the city. We did a lot of walking, and mostly eschewed big tours or events in favor of just wandering around and taking things in on our own.

In the interest of time—and because we didn't bother with a car—most of our attention was focused around the harbor and the CBD's abundant parks.

I'll post up photos from Melbourne tomorrow.