IRIX and Enlightenment

Sunday, August 01, 1999, at 10:21AM

By Eric Richardson

SO I'm browsing around the SGI Freeware site and I notice that the new August CD includes packages for Enlightenment (and all support libs). Obviously I'm excited, 'cause compiling stuff like that for IRIX is a real chore, and 4Dwm sucks. Anyway, there's more...

I spent a fairly good bit of time downloading and installing required packages (since imlib's precompiled with all possible libs, you have to have 'em all installed, even if you don't use 'em), but after a while I get it all in and installed. Good start, but remember that this is IRIX. There are always more steps with IRIX.

Next I have to start playing around with an xsession file (grr... i want my console). I dork X up a couple times, then just copy over the system default xsession file and change the line to start 4Dwm. Works fine.

So Enlightenment finally starts (yeah!). After it's running I realize that 0.15.5 (the packaged e version) isn't all that great (compared to e from CVS). So I decide to take a step out and try compiling a CVS e. I actually got 0.16-devel3 compiled and running, but there was some new stuff since then I wanted, so I do a cvs checkout and figure I'll just re-compile e and everything'll be fine. Heh. Apparently e now requires imlib 1.9.5 (i had 1.9.4) and a new esound. Compiling those required bunches of other stuff, and my simple little recompile turned into an all-afternoon project.

Believe it or not, it's all running, so I was successful. I still have a screwy colormap, but I can live with that in exchange for turning the toaster into a usable workstation.