underneath eWorld

Saturday, October 21, 2000, at 11:02AM

By Eric Richardson

I've always been disappointed by how plain and boring my site looks from the outside. I mean, it's easy for me to talk about how cool the stuff I'm playing with is, but I think it's hard for anyone on the outside to really see what goes on under this little outer shell. Click for more.

Basically this site has three database-driven apps under it. They power the rants section, the cameras and the mp3 log.

The rants are probably the easiest for you to see. They're running on pretty much a stock eThreads 1.2 weblog glomule (I don't know that I've released the day sorted stuff, but the rest is stock). Basically I never have to touch any code to post on the site. I just go to my administrative web interface, fill in a form, and it appears. That's eThreads.

The cameras are running off the massively over-engineered eCam app. Read the eCam page to see what's so cool about it. On top of that I've written the scoring stuff that I posted about a while back. Eventually I'll probably write other scripts to do stuff like see a time-lapse video or view archives of highly rated images.

The mp3 log is comprised of two parts. When my mp3 player (a hacked version of smartplay) starts to play a song, it looks the song's id number up in my song database based on the filename, then adds a play event recording the id and when it occured. The viewer script just lists the last however many ids have been played, looking up the information associated with the id to display. Eventually I'll write stuff to see stats like the songs I play most often, what songs I skip past most often, etc.

So there you have it... A little glimpse into that which is eWorld.