speaking of downtown

Wednesday, July 14, 2004, at 08:19AM

By Eric Richardson

While I'm on the topic, downtown blogger Jim Winstead has for a while now been doing some figuring and running the numbers on what it would take to open a video rental store in the area. Downtown is largely berift of options in that regard, and while being able to get DVDs from the library is cool, their selection is way too odd to be of regular help. Anyway, after thinking he wasn't up to it, he did end up going to home entertainment 2004 is Las Vegas.

The building next door to me has some empty storefront space, and in the window is a sign that includes a bit about how residents would like to see a gallery or video store (paraphrasing since I'm at work right now). You'd like to think that with the influx of population and apparent interest someone could make the numbers work.