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Jeremy Toback - Word Behind Words

I actually saw Jeremy Toback at Ground Zero, the USC coffee house that's about 50ft from my dorm room. You Make Me Feel, Word Behind Words, and Clockwise are songs I particularly like.

Sleeping at Last - A Million Charming Words

I'm not really sure how I came to find Sleeping at Last, but they have several songs I love. In fact, I had a really tough time choosing which song to highlight between A Million Charming Words, Love Never Fails, and Mended Heart.

power supply

My power supply is still outside my computer, now for no other reason than I hate restarting... I've got a 28 day uptime since I installed the new fan. My computer has returned to upright, though, allowing access to the cd-rom drive. The power supply is sitting next to the case on top of an upside-down trashcan so that the cable reaches the motherboard. Fun fun.

Locke Essays

I just put two Locke essays in the verbal intercourse section. I got a 19/20 on these two, which is good considering that they're 20% of my grade for that class.

song of the moment

song of the moment is my first attempt to get interactive content back on the index page. It'll be updated to reflect whatever song momentarily tickles my fancy. The index page displays the current song, clicking more gets you archived songs. — Continue Reading...

Bennett Mosier - Outspoken

Bennett Mosier just has a really cool voice -- sort of raspy, and yet very listenable. He's a little richer instrumentally than John Mayer, but a somewhat similar song style.

Bennett Mosier - Band-Aid

Another in my series of vaguely Dave Matthews'ish artists. This is really the only Bennett Mosier song I've heard, but it's a good one.

smart cards and Linux

So my hobby of the moment is playing with the smart card functionality of my VISA card from Providian. I've managed to get the PC/SC driver software compiled and hacked the driver for the Gemplus PC430 reader to work with the PC432 Providian distributes. Now when I put the card in the daemon recognizes that it's there. Now it's just a matter of finding anything I can do with it...

There are PC/SC Perl bindings... Now if I could only understand them... Who knows where that would lead.