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2:50am - T minus 5 hours and 10 minutes

I haven't really felt like writing, so I've been doing laundry and studying for my nature of scientific inquiry midterm/final tomorrow. Quantum mechanics, uncertainty, chaos theory, etc. It shouldn't be that hard.

As for the essay, I've got a page and a half that I like. It'll be done. I'm not worried about that at all.

I am now a nocturnal being. The last five nights I've gone to bed at 4:30, 4:30, 4, 4:45, and 5. Tonight will be no exception.

night three

I finished my essay at about five this morning. It wasn't that it really took me that long to write, it was more that I was just never in a hurry to get it done. I thought it came out pretty well; it's in the verbal intercourse section as Individualism as Differing from the Norm. As you can see, I'm not good at titles.

Tonight I finish up some work on a paper for Liberal Political Theory and study for my last midterm (which might as well be a final) tomorrow in Nature of Scientific Inquiry. Not a huge night, but still a good load in front of me.

11:50pm -- T minus 9 hours and 10 minutes

I think a shower would help me feel better about being up, so I'm off to take one. It's 11:50pm, and I'm done reading, have a thesis, and am starting to go through the book looking for support. At this point I feel good about how things are going.

christmas cheer

Over the past few weeks I've noticed a steady stream of people searching google for "christmas cheer" or "christmas thoughts" and finding my thoughts piece entitled christmas cheer. To these people I apologize. I can only imagine how the depressing lament they click and discover is in no way what they hoped or intended to find. To them I can only say, read on. It gets better. It all comes out ok in the end; you'll see already...

mogwai - r u still in 2 it

Mogwai is what I listen to when I need music that just flows. Mogwai doesn't really have vocals so much as the human voice is merely another instrument they use at will. r u still in 2 it is actually one of their few songs to buck this trend; the haunting vocals are understated, yet powerful and central to the piece.

night two

Now starts night number two... Five page paper on Abelard and Heloise, due at 9am tomorrow. I'm on page 130 of the book. Muah haha...

Granted, I did sleep 11am - 5pm, so I'm rested up for tonight.


It's now 3am, and I'm done with my handout. I would say this puts me about 40% done for the night. This puts me on pace to probably get an hour and a half nap before I go to class and present this. After presenting I go to another class, listen to a lecture, come back here and sleep from 12pm - 6pm or so, get up, finish reading The Letters of Abelard and Heloise, and start writing another paper. My sleep patterns are definitely not healthy.


One king sized Twix bar package contains 36% of your daily serving of fat, 40% of your daily serving of saturated fat.


I have a 4-6 page paper, and a handout for a presentation, due tomorrow morning at 8am. Neither are done, or even really that close to being done. This worries me, but not overly much. I have no idea how, but something will come together. What does worry me, however, is that once I finish these I have to figure out how to print them. That sounds like an easy problem, but it's really not. Especially at whatever hour of the morning I need to print. Gar. This isn't fun.

it's 4:30 in the morning

Not only did I play basketball tonight, I played basketball until 4:30am. I'm tired now. Luckily our championship intramural football game is not until 3pm tomorrow. Mmmm... Sleeping in...