Thursday, August 15, 2002, at 02:43PM

By Eric Richardson

So going through some random stuff I found my folder from senior year (yes, i only carried a folder... no backpack). In it was a poem that I wrote for Honors English. Click to read it...

I am here, and she is there.

I would now go if she would call,
But yet I sit, and wait, and stall,
And as I'm staring at that wall,
I wonder if she knows at all.

I know I should not so much care,
For all I know she's happy there,
Laughing and playing and not aware,
Of what my heart is now to bear.

It is so, by now I do fear,
Her voice tonight I will not hear.
The terrible truth has come so clear,
For she's still there, and I'm still here.