work work work

Tuesday, December 02, 2003, at 08:05AM

By Eric Richardson

I've written a little over three pages of the paper I mentioned yesterday. I feel like I'm wandering a bit, but on the whole I'm pretty satisfied with how things are going. I headed back to that same room in Doheny to write today, and I really was productive, so I think there might be something to a place like that improving my ability to work. After the class I'm in right now I've got four hours before the class in which the paper is due, so time shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Part of my challenge next semester is to completely overhaul how I do schoolwork. I'm not a good student. I hate taking notes. I have an issue with doing reading, going to class, etc. But I've got three semesters left in which I need to bear down and make use of the advantages available to me. For instance, since I got my laptop I've been trying to figure out how to better take notes. Right now I'm using a program called hnb, which I like but which isn't perfect. I think best in outline format, so an outliner like hnb definitely works best for me. I love being able to export these outlines to HTML, which I can then access easily peruse later. The interface has some things I don't like, but it's the best I've seen for Linux for now.