make to the routine

Tuesday, January 13, 2004, at 05:30AM

By Eric Richardson

Classes start today. I basically have just Tuesday/Thursday classes again this semester (minus one discussion on Wednesday morning), and today I don't start until 12:30. Granted my day today does run until 10pm, though. My classes today: Brain, Mind, and Machine: Topics in Neuroscience, Writing 340 (Advanced Writing for Social Science), Religions of Asia, and History of the American Film, 1977-Present. You know, actually that's all of my classes.

I need to figure out a new routine for having my laptop battery charged up going into my 6pm class. I either need to not use it much in the classes before, or find an outlet during one of my classes. My only real break today is 5:30 - 6, and that's not going to be enough for anything more than a bite to eat.

I'm trying to figure out if Toshiba even sells a second battery for the Satellite A10. I can't seem to find one. They sell the primary battery for $100, though, so that might not be a bad idea to pick that up and just carry a spare to swap in.