getting out to see those events

Wednesday, February 11, 2004, at 04:47AM

By Eric Richardson

I link to flavorpill LA off of my web favorites, but haven't ever gotten around to mentioning it here. It's not any sort of a comprehensive listing, but it does highlight cool events happening in LA.

Today my context for actually making mention is that the current issue talks about Overwrought, an art show occuring in Venice on Friday. While I'm not generally the art show type of guy, Erik Penny's electronic/ambient solo-sideproject, Maxy Wango, is the soundtrack for the evening. Now, let's take a second to say... That's one cool name. How do you go from naming a band after yourself to coming up with a name like that? Second note... Right now there are no google results for "Maxy Wango". Will I be the first?