wet and wet

Monday, March 01, 2004, at 05:39PM

By Eric Richardson

Went missing from here over the weekend. Not sure how that happened.

Saturday we went wakeboarding at Elsinore. The water was 10 degrees warmer than it was two weeks ago. The water was beautiful until right after I went, and then a big wind kicked up, but I didn't care 'cause I had just gone.

Today I spent the day on a golf course hanging with Colby Beckstrom. He didn't really shoot the lights out today, but the weather was against him (and everyone else). It was really cold, really wet, and by the end really dark. If it keeps raining tonight I wouldn't be surprised to see the final 18 holes rained out. USC is in first, which is cool seeing as it is their own tournament and all. I spent most of the day wearing a USC hat and TCU jacket, which I'm sure was confusing to people.