hazy days

Tuesday, March 16, 2004, at 06:12AM

By Eric Richardson

I woke up today and the LA haze was still in full effect. Even driving through it downtown was blurry. But then I emerged into Pasadena, and the air was clear. I'm still not used to LA's crazy differences in weather that depend solely on which side of the hills you're on. Yesterday it was 15 degrees warmer leaving work than it was twenty minutes later riding through downtown. It makes sense if you look at the air flow and the hills and all that, but it's still kind of weird to me.

Sunday was really nice, even downtown. Kathy and I took the DASH up Fig and walked around for a bit. We at lunch at the Angelique Cafe, wedged in the split of Spring and Main. It's only open for breakfast and lunch (unless you eat dinner before 4, I guess), but it's cheap, good, and the sandwich I got had a lot of turkey on it. Kathy made note of authentic French touches, I just liked the food.