still fun with moving

Saturday, May 08, 2004, at 12:07PM

By Eric Richardson

I helped a friend who's going to be living in the new apartment over the summer move his stuff in today.

I figured, oh, it's saturday, downtown won't be busy.

I was wrong.

But we made it to the apartment ok, and successfully used the loading zone right out front for getting his stuff up to the fourth floor. We met one of our neighbors, a friendly hispanic woman. I'm in love with the idea of living in a building that's not 100% college kids. I'm done with that, I want to be out in the real world. Now I'll be living in a building that's got a little bit of everything. The manager says it's about 10% students, and I've already seen old people, little kids, and people in between.

I moved the Personal IRIS over there today, and after not picking that thing up in about a year anm reminded just how heavy it is (122 pounds for though of you too lazy to click the link). I never did get that thing reliably connected to my network this year. In the page I linked above I talk about how I connected it up via a little fiber run since a fiber transceiver was all I had handy. Well, I still have that, but the fiber media convertor on the other side had a chip disconnect from its heat sink so it's out of service until I get that fixed up. I really just need to buy a ethernet transceiver off ebay. I guarantee it would be under $5.

Someday I still need to figure out how to get the rest of my SGI gear out here. Sitting at home I've still got two Indys (although I think a drive died in one) and a dual-chassis Origin 200. They aren't really useful for much these days but they're fun toys. The problem is that combined (with monitors for the Indys) they probably weigh a good 250 pounds. That's a lot to ship.