Music: A Full Night at Molly Malone's

Saturday, June 05, 2004, at 08:29PM

By Eric Richardson

Friday I did the whole bike back from work thing, took a shower, waited for Magilla to get back from work, and then finally we set out. First up was a little walk up the street to check out the studiowarming party for They put on monthly arts events where anyone can come and just do whatever it is they do. Art for art's sake, they like to say. We spent a little time talking to Jason Waters -- the guy responsible for Artistsalon -- after he wandered into a conversation we were having about tap water competitions. I'm pretty sure he thinks we're weird now. He was school of theatre at USC, which is cool.

But anyway, I was writing about music... After spending a little time at the party I hopped in the car and headed over to Museum Row. Destination, Molly Malone's. I was originally just headed there to meet up with someone I needed to talk to, but looking at the bill earlier in the day it turned into a show I was excited about. Paper Sun (to be mentioned and linked in a second) were putting the night on, looking to bring together a bunch of acts they enjoy and are friends with.

First up was Dawn Thomas, who I'm mentioned before in the context of singing a song with Saucy Monky. I only caught the last couple songs, but I enjoy hearing her vocals.

Next up was... I can't remember his name and the Molly Malone's calendar won't load for me at the moment. Doh. It was good, though, and I apologize to whoever I'm getting to short-change here.

Third up was Paper Sun. I first saw them last October, when they played a show at Room 5. I've also mentioned that Sally has been playing with Saucy Monky. Paper Sun's got a really jazzy vibe going on, and I've really enjoyed them both times I've heard them. I especially like their song "Los Angeles", but I can't seem to find a clip of that online to point you to. I'd encourage checking out "Never Alone" (mp3 link). I think that's closest to the live sound of any of the stuff they have online.

Next up was Gabriel Mann, who I'd heard of but never heard. Really good, definitely worth checking out.

Now, these last three bands all shared one thing in common that I think deserves to be pointed out here. All three shared bass and drum combo Carson Cohen and Adam Marcello. Now, I'm no musician but knowing your stuff for three different bands in a row seems to me like it would be a bit tough. But they pull it off, and they do it well. These two are everywhere. It's crazy.

There was one last act, but again the calendar isn't working and I actually had to leave anyway so I wouldn't be able to do much commenting regardless. A fun night to be sure, and something that they're looking to put on more often.