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could you be any more wrong?

I'm working from my apartment today so that I can try and fix a car window (which I'll talk more about later). That means that I was home just now to hear our apartment phone ringing. I answer it, and a woman's voice asks:

Hi, is this the Standard, in New York?

I said no and she said she must have a wrong number.

Now, there are multiple problems with this question. First, there is no Standard in New York, the only two are Hollywood and downtown. The downtown one even has a phone number that's very close to ours (same area code and exchange, two numbers the same in the final four). But if that's what she was looking for, where in the world did I get New York? How does that make any sense? What can you confuse with New York?



I'm lying in bed just now, copying a Simpsons episode over to my laptop so I can watch it while falling asleep. Out my window looms Library Tower. Tonight the illuminated top is shrouded in fog. It makes the whole building look eerie, the partially lit walls contrasting with the dark cloudy sky. The lights at the top reveal the fog around them, making it appear that it's only present in a halo around the tower.

But seriously, it looks cool. Now I'm going to watch Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble and fall asleep.

for best taste...

I'm at work early today. Yesterday I was here at 7:40. Today I walked into my office at 7:20. Last summer I somehow made myself into a morning person in this same sort of vein, but last summer I at least got good parking spots as a result. The last two days parking has been crowded, even trying to find a spot at 7:15. Yesterday I blamed it on Cassini. Today I think there are just a lot more early-risers here than I thought.

My plan was to mitigate the getting up early by actually eating breakfast. I stopped at the gas station on my way to the freeway and picked up a bottle of grapefruit juice and a little cream cheese cake. Only upon getting to the office did I discover printed on the outside of the bottle: "NOV 17 03". Doh. Uhhh... Let's see it's now July, so... I don't think I'm going to drink it, despite what Topher may say:

(07:37:40) topher: go for it man
(07:38:11) Me: see, i don't think you have enough at stake 
in this decision to cast an unbiased vote
(07:38:22) topher: I was thinking the same thing.  :)

I really wanted that grapefruit juice, too. I may just have to go down to the cafeteria and get something else.

It Happened One Night

Last night Kathy and I returned to the Los Angeles Theatre for It Happened One Night, again a part of the LA Conservancy's program Last Remaining Seats. The film was again excellent, as any film that goes and sweeps the Oscars should be. Last night we got much more of a chance to wander around the theater than we had the first time around (this time being prepared with coats to save our seats). The projection booth was available for viewing, as you can see in the picture at left. There was nothing high-tech to speak of up here, as most of the equipment and furnishings look like they could well be from the theater's opening in 1931.

Again a very cool experience, and something that everyone in LA should get out to at some point.

this time saturn

Last night Cassini entered orbit around Saturn. This, like the mars rovers, is a mission operated by JPL. Though my job is about as far from the space groups as you're like to get here, I enjoy the fact that the lab's success rate during my tenure has been very impressive.