this man never quits

Wednesday, August 18, 2004, at 05:52AM

By Eric Richardson

Like I do most mornings, I'm sitting here right now listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic. As the current song began I recognized a familiar voice. The song is RL Burnside's "Someday Baby" featuring Lyrics Born, off the album A Bothered Mind. The last (and only) RL album I've owned was 1998's Come On In.

I love this from the album description for Come On In:

I finally done did it. The world can finally hear my sound. I've been hollerin' and screaming to let them let me get my hands on the mixing knobs. I'm getting too old to waste my time with stuff that isn't on the cutting edge. I'm too old to be staying up all night writing songs; I got to spend my time on remixes. I always was a behind-the-scenes kind of man anyway.

You tell em, RL. The new album definitely sounds worth checking out.