if only i brought my lunch

Tuesday, September 14, 2004, at 05:04AM

By Eric Richardson

So today I made a step most kids made a dozen years ago. I took the bus to school today. It's a little odd to be able to say this in your fourth year of college, but I think this is the first time I've ever done that. Ever. I was home-schooled up through seventh grade, and then when I was in North Muskegon I lived too close to the school for the bus to be available to us.

But today I took the bus: the 38 South to be specific. I caught it at the corner of Spring and 6th, and it dropped me off right in front of campus. I have a neighborhood council meeting tonight, so I didn't want to bike here dressed in board shorts and a t-shirt, have to go back to my apartment and change, and then get in my car and drive from my apartment to the DWP building. So I took the bus.

Impression number one? It's not faster. I got on the bus on 8:16, and got off at 8:36 or so. I can bike door to door in that time. I'd arrive a little hot and sweaty, but I'd save the money for a token.

The bus was well used, but not crowded. Boardings picked back up once the bus passed LA Tech, and it never really got empty.

I think the DASH will be the next leg of my journey. That's for later, though.