a fun next few days

Tuesday, September 21, 2004, at 09:22AM

By Eric Richardson

It's insane how much I'm doing in the next few days.

  • Movie due back to the library tonight
  • I'm planning to attend a neighborhood council Arts Committee meeting tonight
  • Tomorrow I'm in Long Beach 1pm-9pm for work
  • I have to do some work for a group project, type a little thing up and get it to a classmate tomorrow
  • I've got a short paper due for a class on Thursday
  • By Friday we have to have the merch we want to sell at homecoming approved by USC's trademark office so that we can turn in the appropriate forms. Yesterday I got the art to the promo company, now they take it to trademark and we see what happens
  • Friday I'm in Long Beach mid-day
  • Saturday night I'm attending a screening of THX1138 on campus where George Lucas will be there.
  • Sunday afternoon I'm running sound at a wedding

Wish me luck.