Flexcar: Quick Response; Still Waiting

Thursday, January 20, 2005, at 01:05PM

By Eric Richardson

Continuing my thread on Flexcar... I got a few quick responses to questions I had about the service. William del Valle, their SoCal GM, indicated that most current usage of the Downtown cars is during the day. That leads me to believe it's largely business people using the cars during the day after using transit to get here. It's also good since my usage would be the opposite: nights and weekends. He also said that their LA service is again starting to expand, though more slowly (and I might add realistically) than the first time.

I got an email this afternoon from Flexcar saying that my application was still pending while they made sure I had been a licensed driver for five years (that's one of the application conditions). Hopefully the Michigan graduated license program doesn't throw a wrench into the system. I got my level two license five and half years ago...

Wait... I can't add. I got my level 2 in 1998, which is six+ years ago. I got my level 3 (or full unrestricted) license in 1999, which is 5+ years ago. So really I should be good no matter what. I guess I just don't keep track of the fact that I'm 22.

Anyway, not something that should really slow the process up.