KCRW Podcast Listenership Up; Technical Problems Follow

Thursday, June 30, 2005, at 09:36AM

By Eric Richardson

Several different sites, including LA Observed have noted that the launch of podcasts in Apple's iTunes store has led to a huge jump in the number of people listening to the KCRW streams.

Unfortunately it also seems to have led to some technical issues on the station's side. My download speed has roughly been cut in half, but more importantly files are showing up in the podcast RSS before they show up on the server. Yesterday morning the 6/28 files for both Which Way LA? and To the Point gave 404 errors even though they were in the respective feeds. Today the 6/29 file for Which Way LA? did the same thing. As of right now, that's still the case.

Update (3pm): I just noted from the file timestamps that To the Point's 6/28 and 6/29 shows both appeared around the same time: 6/29 @ 3pm. Which Way LA?'s 6/28 show appeared 6/29 @ 5pm. In contrast, other shows have appeared on their air date, at approximately 6:30pm.