One Less Day of Classes?

Sunday, August 14, 2005, at 06:38AM

By Eric Richardson

I realized today that one week before classes start back at USC, it might be good to check in on my schedule and make sure no classes I'm signed up in have been cancelled or otherwise changed to make them not fit my schedule. It doesn't seem that's the case for any of them, but it looks like my one Monday/Wednesday/Friday class (Latin III) is now a Monday/Wednesday. If that truely is the case that's perfect, since it was my only thing on Fridays. Still no professor listed for that one, though.

I realized today that I have no clue what my PIN number is to get into the USC apps for seeing balance due, registered classes, etc. For four years it was my birthdate (the default, which they gave you an option to change and I never did), then one day it popped up a "you have to change this now" box, and I changed it. I don't think I've used it since. The way they give to get it reset is via faxing a request to the Registration office. I guess I'll do that tomorrow.