Counting Drives

Tuesday, April 18, 2006, at 03:07PM

By Eric Richardson

In my drive calculations in the last post I forgot about my third 250gig drive in saying where different bits would end up. That got me to thinking: how much drive space is sitting around my apartment?

Let's start adding. I'm just looking for working drives here. Dead drives would add a good bit.

Totalling the below gives me 1,209.91 gigabytes (I think). Which is probably drive manufacturer gigs (of the 1000MB variety, not 1024MB). Anyway, it's over a terabyte, which is the cool part.

Of course the top 7 drives total 1030GB. The other 13 only handle 180gig or so.

Sitting Around:

  • 250gig new drive
  • 18gig SCSI drive
  • 80gig IDE drive

Sark (desktop)

  • 18gig SCSI
  • 18gig SCSI
  • 250gig IDE

Flynn (laptop)

  • 60gig 2.5"


  • 60gig


  • 250gig IDE
  • 3.4gig IDE


  • 8gig


  • 80gig

Personal IRIS

  • 676meg


  • 2gig?


D4's Laptop

  • 40gig

D4's Desktop

  • 40gig

D4's iPod

  • 30gig