Monday, May 03, 1999, at 12:43PM

By Eric Richardson

You gotta love IRIX and journaled file systems. My Linux machine is still sitting there fsck'ing my little IDE drive (it's still got the 8gig SCSI drive to go), and two IRIX machines, including one with an 18gig drive, are already up and operational.

Linux really needs a journaled file system if it expects to go anywhere. I love Linux to death, and I use it exclusively on workstation, but the more I play with IRIX and SGI hardware, the more I'm just in awe of the big-time, big-data OS's. No stupid 2gig filesize limit here. The first release of xfs did have a 1terabyte filesize limit, but they plan support for files up to 9 million terabytes.

That's just nuts... I mean, I've made 10 or 15gig files before, but... a terabyte? 9 million terabytes? that's completely insane.