About Me

Eric Richardson lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is generally interested in the intersection between technology, community and news.

Born in South Carolina, I spent a decade out in Los Angeles enjoying the weather and trying to figure out the future of community news. In January of 2005 I started blogdowntown, an online news site for Downtown Los Angeles. In 2011, the site became a part of Southern California Public Radio, where I spent a year working in digital media.

In May of 2012 my wife Kathy and I made a move east, relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. After two years with a small software company here, I rejoined SCPR in the fall of 2014 to build software and systems that will enable new user experiences for listeners in a digital world.


I can be reached via email at e at ericrichardson.com.

Blog Tech

I started "blogging" in November of 1998, well before anyone was calling it that. The blog started out running on eNews, a couple scripts I had thrown together to store news entries in an mSQL database. From April of 1999 to November of 2007, it ran on various iterations of eThreads, a Perl application I wrote to do discussion forums and blogs.

Today the site runs on verblog, a Ruby on Rails engine that features a set of blog functions stripped down from blogdowntown.