all we like sheep...

Sunday, May 09, 1999, at 06:54AM

By Eric Richardson

We live in a world of corporate messages permeating every little nook and cranny of our lives. The art of manipulating people has been mastered by the media. We are what they want us to be...

I went to see "She's All That" last night. In the movie the Student Body President claims that he can take any girl at school and make her the prom queen. All it takes is the right look and the right boyfriend. The rest of the movie was lackluster and is very un-important to my topic, but consider that idea. Now read this Inkblot column.

Tie the two together. The media is brilliant. The right publicity, mostly non-conventional in its medium, can make any band into instant stars.

I'm gearing up for a huge rant on the state of society (yeah... it's going to be big), and this'll definately be in there. Look for my more in-depth thoughts on the matter at that point.