Tuesday, May 11, 1999, at 03:16PM

By Eric Richardson

Since I ranted about the music industry having a dearth of real talent a little while ago, I figured I'd give a little insight into what's finding it's way to my ears...

My favorite CD right now has got to be Beth Orton's Central Reservation. It's just so relaxing that it sort of gets addicting. Her CD Trailer Park is good too.

I bought the new Cranberries CD, Bury the Hatchet, a couple days ago. The first three songs are brilliant. The rest of the CD is more lackluster, but it's growing on me. The Cranberries just have that weird unique sound that makes 'em cool.

As always, right at the top of the list has to be Massive Attack's Blue Lines. Yeah, I know it's from 1991, but I never get tired of it. A pure classic.

That's about it CD-wise right now. Sometimes I throw in a little Bjork, PJ Harvey, or Talvin Singh, but the first four definately dominate the mix.

When it comes to mp3's I've got a little more variety. A good bit of Underworld, some Future Sound of London, a little Sixpence None the Richer (Sixpence is always cool... another mellow, relaxing group), a touch of Jewel, and a good bit of Dave Matthew's Band to round it out.

None of those are super-hyped bands. They just play good music.