eWorld Live

Saturday, May 29, 1999, at 08:16AM

By Eric Richardson

For the psychos out there that actually watch my camera... Yes, the background did change. I switched (am switching, actually... still a lot of moving to do) offices today. Click for info on what you're seeing...

The server rack in the background houses the Gospel Communications Network. The machines will be gradually disappearing over the next week or so as they move into those blue enclosed cases. We've migrating all the machines to rack-mount cases.

This room has several other people in it, so you have a chance of seeing them if you're watching during normal business hours. This page lists the Gospelcom staff (all the technical services people except David Kaiser work in here).

In a couple weeks it'll be summer, so I'll be in here a lot more during what some would consider regular hours (although don't be suprised by random appearances at 2am and normally crazy times like that).