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distortion cam

more from the jwz-is-cool department... I just took vidwhacker (also from xscreensaver), converted it to Perl, and made it write out jpg's. You can see the results here (image updates every 10 seconds).


I was upgrading xscreensaver today and found a new module in called webcollage. It basically makes a collage from random pictures collected off the web. Click for more info... — Continue Reading...

why PICS can not work

I was trying to explain why PICS is horribly broken to someone, and I thought I had written a long rant on the subject here... All I could find was one little paragraph and it didn't make a whole lot of sense. Click to read why PICS is doomed. — Continue Reading...

i'm back

If you care, i'm now safely back in Michigan and working full time...

south carolina

We got to Sumter about 7 this morning after driving all night. I'm trying to stay awake all day off two and a half hours of sleep, but it's looking iffy. Oh well.

vacation at last...

in about an hour or two I'll be off to South Carolina. First to Sumter, then on to Myrtle Beach for a week of sun, waves, and cousins. Should be entertaining. Knowing my addiction to Internet life, I'll be checking email and probably posting here if anything interesting happens. Obviously, the camera will be staying here, so it might be a bit boring for a while.

rot13 (part 2)

for those of you who don't have machines with Perl, I've set up two little interfaces to the scripts I wrote yesterday. encode text here, and decode it here. — Continue Reading...


I was playing around with rot13 today. (rot13 transposes every letter 13 characters right. an 'a' becomes an 'n', an 'e' becomes an 'r', etc.) I then got bored, so I decided to play with it... — Continue Reading...

AOL instant messenger

I've decided that trying to remember to sign off of the AOL messenger thingy is useless... If you IM me and I don't respond, I'm probably not here. I promise I'm not ignoring you, I'm just too lazy to sign off.


I haven't been reading a lot lately (something about not having enough time and sleep having greater benefit in the long run), but on Sunday I ordered Neil Stephenson's new book, Cryptonomicon. It came in Thursday, and I'm now on page 320 (of 910). Wow. I should read more. — Continue Reading...

Notting Hill

I really promise I don't post about every movie I see... I just see a lot, so it seems like it. I saw Notting Hill on... doh. oh yeah, Sunday. It was brilliant. I've always liked that style of humor, and Notting Hill was filled with it. Highly recommended.