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absolutely nothing

Absolutely nothing interesting has happened in the last couple days, but I'm posting this just to shut Kristen up....


It's been a while since I wrote about movies... I've seen several since then. I'll try to write a little impression from the ones I remember: — Continue Reading...

my system

Most of my computer got upgraded yesterday. I'm now running a PII 400 with 256MB RAM and a total of 30gig of hard drive space. Life seems to be moving faster (or at least compiles do). Unfortunately, it's still Intel, so I've still got the stupid 2gig filesize limit... Grrr...

i'm back...

You probably didn't notice, but the site's been down for a while... I'm not going to give any details, so let's just leave it at a server problem. Oh well... Anyway, eWorld is now back up and functioning. Let's all give it a nice round of applause.

titles-r-us doesn't work Sundays

heh... so i'm in here on a Sunday, doing some work, trying to ease up my workload for the week. Since it's Sunday, I'm the only one in the building. I'm sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I here a booming voice say "Death" from somewhere up above me. It just about scared me to there... Anyway, I quickly realized it was just an audio program I was recording (I had started the tape a little while before and was waiting for it to begin), but right when it happened I was infinitely startled.


I have a little ongoing thing to see how much stuff I can win off of soft drink contests during the summer (while I have access to free drinks). SO far this year I've gotten: 20oz. Mountain Dew (2), Surge 6-pack (2), and a Surge bucket hat. Last year I won the Surge contest like 30 times... It was insane.

new screenshot

I hadn't done a screenshot in months, so for those of you who care how my screen looks, there's a new one up in my Linux section.

mp3 player

Over the last few days I finally got my mp3 player rewrite working. Shared memory was a real pain (as was trying to implement multi-threading in Perl), but yesterday it suddenly started working. Click for more about the architecture. — Continue Reading...

camera stuff

I'm working on re-writing all my camera scripts (much more bad craziness in store). the first output is a rewrite of the distortion cam. Click for cool stuff... — Continue Reading...

another new look

Once again I've gotten sick of the look of this site and delayed creating actual content in favor of a spiffy new look. The old look rubbed me as too professional, so here's the low-bandwidth low-res eWorld. The images total a whopping 4.1k. As always, feedback is appreciated.

video card

I got a new video card yesterday. I'm finally off my piece of trash Virge card. Whew. Anyway, the new card is a Diamond Viper V550 (16meg, RIVA TNT chipset). It wasn't even that hard to get working in X (with the X server from Nvidia. they rock). Now I've got glx in my X server... One more milestone on the way to world domination.

wild wild west

I went to see Wild Wild West last night. Will Smith in the old west with lots of enormous mechanical contraptions and gadgets... always a good combination. The movie itself was decent. — Continue Reading...